Management services

Management services concern the planning, co-ordination, control and improvement of activities related to waste management on your sites. For each field of activity, you decide who executes and who manages the works. The key thing here is that you always remain in control. You stay informed through highly transparent systems, monthly meetings and annual steering committees. We also implement a Balanced Score Card system. This is how we make sure that the service level remains high, according to your standards, throughout the implementation phase and beyond.

Full partnership

In a full-service co-operation, Indaver specialists execute and manage all activities related to your waste. Indaver can guarantee a smooth transition and continuity because of our assets, experience and the project tools we use to guide the project teams through the process.

At the start of a full-service co-operation, treatment options are being implemented. Depending on the service level selected, proper signage is being installed, systems are brought into service and customer-teams are being trained. Indaver installs dedicated project teams and uses a project implementation plan for full-service TWM contracts. This covers who is responsible for the execution of specific tasks, milestones, targets, timeframes, etc.

Indaver takes control of all your waste-related activities whilst giving you full transparency through our sophisticated reporting system. This enables you to focus on your core activity, your daily business and your future plans. Our high level of service means you are free to tend to and grow your business.

Continuous improvement and lowest TCO

Better results are obtained by identifying and implementing opportunities for structural improvement. Our advanced reporting tool helps in this by clearly setting out the costs of the different treatment methods and services related to your waste management. Insights into these costs leads to the identification of improvement projects. As an example, by understanding the source of the waste stream and knowing the waste treatment market, the right pre-treatment (packaging, sorting, etc.) can be implemented at source, so the subsequent flow can be optimised for cost-efficient and sustainable waste treatment.

You also want to know that you have the best option at all times. Indaver’s waste treatment team constantly monitors the market and will signal forthcoming changes as early as possible. Through regular follow-up and steering meetings, you will always be informed of the progress made in your waste management plan and of trends and opportunities in the waste market.

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