On site services

Indaver provides various types of on-site assistance, carrying out specific activities related to your onsite waste management.

On-site operators

When this assistance is desired, you will be assigned a dedicated on-site operator, who will ensure that containers are available, that your waste is taken to central waste yards, bulked up and/or repacked. He will also ensure that it is collected on time and correctly and sent to the right treatment facility. He will immediately signal problems or non-conformities and remain in close contact with your dedicated team. Indaver operators are very well-trained and work according to high standards and strict instructions. They provide a reliable, time-saving and highly efficient service for you. 

On-site operators can also carry out an administrative function. In that case, they take care of all documentation related to your shipments and keep track of all stock movements. They guarantee traceability and report back to you on a regular basis, providing full reports for your management and for the relevant authorities.

TWM co-ordinators

Our TWM co-ordinators play a central role in the implementation and follow-up of contracts and service-level agreements. They apply their experience to work-flows, container management, signage and compliance. They are H&S qualified and complete site-specific Risk Assessments. They provide expert advice on the organisation of your on-site waste management and document the processes in a TWM Manual and in Standard Operating Procedures. Together with account managers, they identify and implement optimisations based on agreed targets and results.

On-site operators and TWM co-ordinators are pivotal in the relationship between Indaver project teams and customers. They are well aware of your on-site situation and internal Indaver work-flows. This guarantees a highly beneficial co-operation between the two organisations.

Mobile teams

A highly trained mobile team is available for specific jobs. This team is trained to deal with hazardous or high-risk operations and specialises in the clean-up of chemical spills, contaminated sites and dismantling assignments. On TWM sites, Indaver may offer a 24/7 phoneline for emergencies. Together with TWM co-ordinators, we organise the clean-up and/or a speedy and controlled collection and treatment of the waste involved in the emergency.

The mobile TWM team can also be assigned to on-site labelling, together with TWM co-ordinators, and can provide cover for on-site TWM teams during holidays or periods of illness, under the terms of the contract.

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