Total Waste Management Assets

Facilities that get the most out of your waste

Industrial waste must be treated completely and safely throughout the whole process: from collection to recycling, incineration or storage. That doesn't mean that we do not pay attention to the sustainable treatment of your waste. Indaver's mission, in fact, is to be leading the field of sustainable waste management. We have modern, specialised facilities that will – depending on the type of residual waste stream – recycle materials, recover materials or harness energy from processes. This is how Indaver works to offer you sustainable, cost-effective solutions in ways that are always tailored to your specific needs and cirumstances.

Logistic services

Our logistics department provides collection services using HGVs and tankers, packing materials and containers, both for hazardous and non-hazardous waste. As always, we seek to achieve a balance. Whenever we are able to add value, we invest in specialised transport capacity. If, however, outsourcing is a more (cost) efficient option, we arrange for reliable, qualified transport contractors. They are steered and controlled just as strictly as our own logistics department.

Analytical services

Our specialised labs extensively analyse the waste substances we manage. They characterise, follow up on production (quality & safety) and environment (emissions). They support in process optimisations and they participate in our innovative projects. They analyse, interpret and experiment on a lab scale, in order to suggest treatment options and measure the results. As chemical specialists, together with our engineering department, QESH and market specialists, they play a crucial part in sustainable waste management and sustainable recovery of materials.

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