Our facilities, our systems and our people

Our services for industrial waste management are built on a strong foundation: assets (installations), systems and people. Indaver has worked hard to offer you the very highest quality in all three areas, in order to offer you the best total solution.

Assets - constant reliability
Indaver has a wide range of high-tech treatment options in Belgium and across Europe. Our extensive treatment capacity means that your waste streams can always be accepted. We supplement our in-house capacity with external specialist facilities so that we are able to process all your residual waste streams, at all times. We regularly subject our processes and those of our specialised partners to thorough reviews, in order to ensure safety, compliance and service level delivered.

Systems - constant insight
Indaver's data management and e-reporting systems give you constant insight into and feedback on each and every one of your waste streams. All of the information is available 24/7 and in detail. Indaver makes use of interconnected tools, such as SAP, MOSS and Oracle Business Intelligence, to create a dedicated customer portal for you. These management systems help you, and us, to continuously monitor safety, quality and environmental impact. We systematically update and improve the systems using EFQM principles of good business conduct, internal and external audits and customer feedback.

People - constant support
We provide our large industrial customers with a dedicated project team tailored to their needs. This team has in-depth knowledge of materials, production techniques, market and legislation. Our international account management structure facilitates knowledge-sharing on an (inter)national level between a variety of Total Waste Management projects. This is an important factor in the success of these projects. Indaver also provides on-site staff to take care of your waste management and these on-site staff members are part of your project team.

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