Total Waste Management (TWM) services

Customised waste management

In a rapidly changing and highly complex environment, it is hard to stay up-to-date with market, options and alternatives and legislation. When you outsource your waste management to specialists, you free up your staff to focus on your core business. When you choose Indaver as your expert partner, you receive the best possible solutions for your waste streams, alongside a fully transparent and traceable approach. Our integrated solutions, experience and expertise deliver savings to you in time, cost and labour. When we are managing your waste, you are managing your business, which is the ideal situation all round.

Total package, worry-free result

Indaver has developed the Total Waste Management (TWM) model for industrial waste management. This manages the entire process of your waste stream: from analysis and planning to implementation and supervision.
We analyse all of the waste streams produced by your business. For each waste product an experienced team of Indaver specialists carries out independent research into the treatment options available. The team working on your behalf has access to over 300 European outlets, offering a huge range of options. On the basis of this data we can advise you on the best treatment solution. Naturally, reuse of raw materials, recycling and energy production form a key part of our research and advice. Alongside our own advanced and specialised facilities, we have access to specialised laboratories that constantly analyse waste products. When necessary, we work closely with third-party facilities that aim for the same level of quality, safety and sustainability as us and that – like Indaver – undergo regular audits. Our optimum treatment solution for you will also include advice about your best packaging and transport options.

Efficient and transparent

Our Total Waste Management (TWM) includes the preparation, collection, planning and transport of your waste. Furthermore, Indaver takes care of all the legal requirements and administration required. Our operations are efficient and transparent, from start to finish. Via your own dedicated customer portal, you can monitor and control what is happening to your waste stream at any time. This real-time, always on access is an essential part of your TWM plan.

We use strict rules and procedures in order to manage risks and monitor safety and health. We respond flexibly to unforeseen circumstances and together with your team are always on the lookout for further improvements to your waste management.

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