Combine plastics with cans

From 2015, local authorities will be given control of the entire plastics chain, in addition to collection, they will also have control of the sorting, treatment and marketing of plastic packaging waste (KFF+). In addition the fixed remuneration for collected tons of KFF+ will no longer apply. In its place Nedvang will offer remuneration for every sorted ton of plastics that meets fixed DKR standards.

For Dutch local authorities it is interesting to combine the collection of plastics with the collection of metal packaging (tins) and drinks cans. Belgium has already been doing this successfully for years and is reaping the fruits of the attractive returns offered by tin.

It isn't only the good re-use possibilities of (non-) ferrous metals, but also the higher environmental gain and lower waste management costs that make it interesting to add tin to the plastics fraction.

Indaver combines its knowledge of the Dutch KFF+ with twenty years of experience with the successful Belgian PMD collection model. We are happy to pass this knowledge on to you.

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