Multifunctional project teams work on innovation

New ideas and concepts must be given the creative space to facilitate their development. However, they also need structure to be able to grow into an actual project.

Indaver has a project-based approach to innovation and improvement processes. Multifunctional project teams focus on an idea or concept, work together and combine their knowledge and expertise. A project procedure guides the process from the idea phase onwards. If it the idea seems promising, this is upgraded to a pilot and then to a business case. If it becomes clear that the idea or concept is economically viable and is sufficiently sustainable, the team will make a concrete investment proposal.

A lot of concepts never reach this last phase. Technologies often don't appear to be robust enough to justify the necessary investments.

However, Indaver does believe that these innovative ideas, perhaps not today, but certainly at some point in the future, will lead to building innovative facilities or to the introduction of pioneering, sustainable concepts.

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