Waste management is reliant on people

A professional organisation always needs staff who have a good understanding of their field. At Indaver it's certainly the people who make the difference. They are the experts who design, build and use our facilities and systems. They are the specialists who apply their knowledge, experience and empathy to carry out your waste management responsibly, sustainably and at an appropriate cost. They work according to Indaver's core values, one of which: 'transparency in communications and actions', will be familiar to you already in our interaction with you.

Investing in knowledge

Knowledge management is the driving force behind our continuous improvement and innovation. Indaver challenges every staff member to use his or her skills to the fullest and to work actively on further development. This improves the quality of our service provision and benefits the employee's work satisfaction.

Indaver has set up digital platforms (such as the customer zone) that stimulate close collaboration and knowledge sharing within specific areas of knowledge.

Project Management

Staff at Indaver are used to project-based work. Multifunctional project teams focus on issues that cross boundaries, further supported by ICT systems. This well-established work method gives staff the room to develop new ideas and concepts. 

To Measure is to know

In order to improve, we want to know how we perform and function. Indaver asks all of its business relations for feedback. An independent, renowned market research company provides us with the right questions for the survey and a privacy guarantee. Your answers to the short questionnaire will be fed back to your contact person directly so that he or she can put points for improvement in place immediately.

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