Your waste in our treatment facilities

Although it is a relevant subject for local authorities, waste management is not one of their core activities. As a pioneering, sustainable waste treatment company, Indaver provides you with balanced and sustainable solutions. Our high-grade waste recycling and treatment facilities get the most out of your household waste. 

Indaver is  specialist for the treatment of VGF waste, green waste and organic waste streams from the food industry. We have excellent treatment facilities for your biowaste (wet and dry). We make new, useful products such as compost and biomass out of your residual waste streams. At the same time, the advanced fermentation process also produces green gas, liquid CO2 and process water.

Our advanced facilities are located at a large number of strategically distributed locations in the south of the Netherlands. As our working area extends across Europe, Indaver also has large scale, modern facilities in Belgium, Ireland and Germany.

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