Innovation is necessary in waste management

Local authorities demand the most profitable solution for their waste streams. And so they should, as they are working with public money. New technologies make more sustainable and more profitable waste management possible. Indaver is constantly focused on innovation. Without client-oriented innovation we cannot fulfil our mission to lead the field in sustainable waste management.

Collaboration in research groups

Successful innovations only come at the end of a long journey. Indaver follows new technological developments closely. We work in close collaboration with universities, specialists and trade associations. Together we give promising ideas and concepts the space and structure they need to turn into a project and probably ultimately into an investment proposal.

Recycling phosphorus

Phosphorus recycling is a clear example of an instance where Indaver committed to further investigate a promising concept. Phosphorus is present in animal dung, organic-biological waste, wastewater, water purification sludge and incineration ashes. While the demand for phosphorus grows, the raw materials supply is depleting. An international network is researching the possibilities of phosphorus recycling. Indaver is a partner in this network and contributes its knowledge of waste and materials separation.

Organic residual waste streams as a versatile raw material

Another innovative path that Indaver is taking is the further exploitation of organic waste streams. VGF waste is a wide-ranging raw material with all sorts of advanced applications. We are participating in innovative research groups to make higher quality applications possible in the future. Consider for example the production of bioplastics as an alternative to non-degradable plastics.

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Contact for valorisation of organic waste streams

Joop Suurmeijer
t +31 78 6306 728

Contact for Indaver Molecule Management

Eric Moerman
t +32 3 575 67 24