Continual improvement of waste treatment

In addition to the investments in new facilities, Indaver also ensures existing facilities are equipped with the best available technology. Thanks to a continual improvement programme, the operational return remains at an optimum and where possible we increase capacity.

Plastics sorting facility

One great example is the PMD sorting facility in Willebroek (Belgium). PMD stands for Plastic bottles and containers, Metal packaging and Drinks cartons. In Belgium, successful collection of PMD has been occurring for around 20 years now, and after collection the materials are sorted into recyclable sub-fractions. In 2013 Indaver thoroughly revised its PMD sorting facility. Better streamlining of the sorting process means the capacity can be increased significantly to between 40,000 and 45,000 tons of PMD per year. In addition, the quality (purity) of the sorted fractions has been massively improved.

Willebroek, which is in a good location for the south of the Netherlands, now has the capacity to sort KFF+ (plastic bottles and containers + other plastics).

Digestion facility for residual waste streams from food and beverage production.

In 2006 Indaver built a special digestion facility as part of a joint venture with Laarakker Groenteconserven. EcoFuels in Well is tailored to the treatment of organic waste streams from the food and beverage industry. In the original set-up the biogas produced was converted into green electricity. In 2010, further insight led to investment in a gas generation facility. This converted the biogas into green (natural) gas (to supply the natural gas network), liquid CO2 and process water.

Facility for the regeneration of hydrochloric acid

At Tata Steel in IJmuiden, Indaver ARP (Acid Recycling Plant) has been recovering hydrochloric acid since 2001. Tata Steel uses hydrochloric acid to remove rust that forms during steel production. The recycling facility produces re-usable hydrochloric acid and iron oxide. Both are raw materials for the steel and pigment industry.

Indaver is constantly trying to make this process more efficient and is working on a complete overhaul of this facility.

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