Heavy investment in new facilities

To be able to use waste better, Indaver has been investing heavily in new facilities for years. These facilities use the latest proven technologies to get the best out of waste. This results in valuable products such as compost, biomass and CO2 and in the generation of sustainable energy. In addition we have invested in advanced facilities that are suitable for the safe and responsible treatment of industrial waste. If desired we will invest in (on-site) facilities for our larger clients.

VGF digestion facility

Our newest (2014) asset is Bio Power Alphen, the multifunctional, high-grade digestion facility for VGF waste. In Alphen aan den Rijn, we digest 75,000 tons of biowaste every year. As well as compost and biomass it also produces green natural gas and liquid CO2 (for the greenhouse horticulture industry). So we are once again closing part of the materials loop.

Medical waste

Since 2012 Indaver has been treating 20,000 tons of medical waste annually in the advanced MediPower facility (in Antwerp). This is in addition to an annual 10,000 tons of other similarly sensitive waste. As well as the safe treatment of medical waste, this new installation also produces 2.5 MW of electricity.

Waste Power Station, Ireland

In 2011 Indaver was the first in Ireland to start using a modern waste power station (in Meath). Innovative technology converts household waste into energy. The power station incinerates 200,000 tons of waste annually and with that supplies 20,000 households with their electricity needs.

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