New future for the Derde Merwedehaven landfill site

Until 1 January 2013, Indaver was using the Derde Merwedehaven landfill site. This was originally meant to continue operating until 2017. However in 2010, those involved decided to shorten the remaining operating time.

Since 1993 around 9 million m3 of waste had been treated on this 50 hectare site. The Derde Merwedehaven has reached heights of around 30 meters.

Merwedeheuvel Recreation Ground

Over the next few years, the waste on the landfill site has to bed down to create a sturdy, stable base. At the same time, earth is added to seal it off forming a 1.5 meters thick covering layer. That is capped off with an upper seal of earth that is suitable for making the Derde Merwedehaven into a recreation area. This area will then be given a new lease of life under the name Merwedeheuvel.

It is expected that Merwedeheuvel will be open to the public in 2023.

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