Processing hazardous waste safely

Industrial waste can pose a threat to people and the environment in some cases and must be incinerated. Indaver has built up a lot of knowledge about the treatment of chemical and pharmaceutical residual waste streams that cannot be recycled. Safety and the careful, complete demolition of this material is of the highest priority for Indaver. Indaver is able to combine this process with substantial energy recovery from thermal processing in the specialised rotary kilns.

Indaver treats regular industrial waste in the grate incinerators.

Rotary kiln incinerators in Antwerp, Biebesheim and Hamburg

In Antwerp there are two rotary kiln incinerators that process industrial waste and a third, MediPower, that treats medical waste, each with a capacity of 45,000 tons. The three systems also serve as back-up for each other. 

In Germany Indaver has two rotary kiln incinerators in Biebesheim and another two in Hamburg. These systems, too, are specifically geared to the complete incineration of hazardous industrial waste. They process around 240,000 tons of hazardous waste products annually.

The rotary kiln incinerators produce temperatures of between 1000 and 1200°C. In the afterburner chamber these waste products burn out completely. 

Special storage and treatment options

The waste products are delivered in bulk, in drums, in liquid or viscous forms. Indaver also offers special services for hazardous substances that cannot be stored. Examples are direct injection into the treatment process and an unloading station for highly explosive metal alkyls.

Generating energy from hazardous waste

The steam that is released during thermal treatment is used by Indaver to heat its own buildings and systems. Businesses in the surrounding area also purchase the steam. A strong turbine converts the remaining steam into electricity. Indaver uses this itself and supplies electricity to the grid, enough for the energy use of 10,000 families. The four rotary kiln incinerators in Germany can supply 20,000 households with electricity.

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