Spotlight on plastics recycling

Plastic is an important waste stream that lends itself well to recycling. The Netherlands has great ambitions for plastics recycling. To enable the recycling targets to be met, the aims, processes and roles were further defined in the Packaging Framework Agreement (Raamovereenkomst Verpakkingen) (2013). The most important change is the chain responsibility that local authorities will be given as of 1 January 2015. They will not only have the responsibility to organise collection, but also the transfer, sorting and marketing of waste. This is not usually the day-to-day work of a local authority.

Moreover the fixed sum will no longer be paid per collected ton of plastic bottles, containers and plastic film (KFF+). Instead a sum will be paid for every ton of sorted plastics that meets the established DKR standard.

Indaver, experienced expert in sorting plastics

Belgium has already been collecting PMD for years: Plastic bottles and containers, Metal packaging and Drinks cartons. But as much as 85% of this PMD fraction is sorted into very pure (mono)streams (of up to 99% purity). That creates high(er) market values. The revenue from sorted ferrous and non-ferrous (tin) for incineration is also much higher than the revenue from metal that comes from incinerator ashes following incineration. It is not only the purity of the sorted waste, but also the higher environmental gain and lower waste management costs that make it interesting to add tin to the plastics fraction.

Indaver combines its knowledge of the Dutch KFF+ with twenty years of experience with the successful Belgian PMD collection model. We are happy to pass this knowledge on to local authorities in the Netherlands.

Indaver invests in sorting

In 2013 Indaver invested strongly in the expansion and modernisation of the PMD sorting facility in Willebroek, which is just a stone's throw from Antwerp. This facility still has some available capacity and is an interesting option available to Dutch local authorities.


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