Good separation of biowaste is rewarding

We call it waste, but everyone knows that VGF and green waste can be exceptionally useful, as long as they are separated well before collection. And that last point leaves much to be desired. The average mini container of household residual waste still contains 40% vegetable, garden and fruit waste (VGF waste). Local authorities who are able to collect more separated VGF and green waste, aren't just getting environmental benefits and obtaining a better waste separation result, they are also cutting back on direct costs. Incineration is always more expensive than composting and degisting.

Indaver closes the materials loop for VGF and green waste

VGF and green waste have many useful applications. Think of composting, incineration (of biomass) in biomass stations and digestion.

Indaver has efficient composting systems that treat approximately 400,000 tons of VGF and green waste each year. In addition we upscale around 15% of the green waste stream to biomass. Depending on the waste stream (dry or wet) we focus our efforts on the production of biomass. This is intended as a fuel to generate green electricity in biomass stations. Or we opt for digestion combined with composting. In June 2014 we opened Bio Power Alphen, a new, multifunctional degestion facility for VGF waste. Here, the biowaste is composted and digested to a high grade, which produces green gas and liquid CO₂ (for the greenhouse horticulture industry).

Sustainable balanced solution

Indaver is the market leader in the field of VGF, green and food waste in the south-west of the Netherlands. We have formed partnerships with businesses within the food products industry. We develop, install and manage fermentation facilities at PVF* treatment companies, aimed at the specific composition of the residue streams released.

For local authorities we focus our expertise on the sustainable treatment of VGF and green waste. Together with local authorities Indaver is working towards a sustainable balance between the desired environmental benefits and better recycling results on the one hand and responsible cost management on the other.

* potatoes, vegetables and fruit

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