Landfill is still necessary, but can be done sustainably

Storing waste (or putting it into landfill) is not ideal. But if re-use, recycling and incineration (with energy recovery) of specific waste streams doesn't appear to be possible, there is only one option left: the conditioned storage of waste in a landfill site. Government policy, tax measures and technical innovations are decreasing the amount of waste being put into landfill. In 2013 the Netherlands still had 21 landfill sites where waste was allowed to be dumped. In 1991 there were still 80.

Waste storage in South-West Netherlands: setting up a new phase

Indaver runs another landfill site in the Netherlands: the North and Central-Zeeland landfill site in the Vlissingen-Oost industrial zone. Here we store decontaminated soil and other inert bulk streams, dredging spoil and residual fractions from previously sorted construction and demolition waste and industrial waste. Waste containing asbestos is also treated responsibly and safely at the landfill site. To ensure the continuity of the service provision, we are investing in equipment for the new phase, phase 5B. Among other things we are providing Phase 5B with a base-liner so that safe landfilling can be carried out here in the coming years.

Landfill sites become recreation areas

Derde Merwedehaven, a former landfill site that was closed in 2013, is being repurposed and is therefore being renamed 'Merwedeheuvel'. An agreement has been reached about the landscape design and the final finishing plan. The Merwedeheuvel will be set up as a recreation area with grass, trees and bushes. Walking and cycle paths will be laid. In 2017, preparations began for carrying out the project in 2018. Residents and stakeholders were informed. The recreation area is expected to be opened to the public in 2023. Anyone wishing to keep up to date with the development should visit

In Zeeland-Flanders the former landfill site Koegorspolder has been transferred to the Zeeland province. The Groene Koegors, as it is now called, will be given a recreational purpose including a footpath with an emphasis on flora and fauna. Flower-rich grassland, ponds, lush meadows and trees will attract birds, butterflies and bees. There are plans for a solar park.

Safe destination for hazardous waste

In Antwerp, Indaver manages a landfill site for hazardous waste (Category 1 material). This landfill site is situated on our premises next to the industrial waste incineration facilities. Indaver fully guarantees responsible storage of the waste delivered. A number of requirements have been specified for the delivery of this hazardous waste.

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