Sustainable, economically responsible waste recycling

You are looking for an economically and simultaneously sustainable treatment technique for your waste. Indaver will provide efficient sorting, meticulous purification and where possible recycling of your waste. In order to achieve this, we use advanced pre-treatment and processing systems, both for ourselves and for our partners. As a result, the high-quality end products are either suitable for immediate re-use or satisfy the highest recycling industry standards.

You get a big return from your waste without having to give it a second thought. That's what we call a win-win situation.

Indaver aims to close materials loops

Indaver excels at composting and fermenting all types of biowaste streams, VGF and green waste as well as waste streams from the food products industry. In addition Indaver has wide experience of sorting and purifying plastics waste (including KFF+) in a way that makes it possible to achieve optimum re-use.

We are also the recycling partner for renowned industrial clients. One example of this is the hydrochloric acid regeneration on site at the largest steel manufacturer in the Netherlands.

In all respects Indaver strives for the sustainable closure of materials loops.

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