Sustainable purification for your wastewater

Discharged in an environmentally sound way

The discharge of wastewater may not damage the environment. The central wastewater purification facility at Indaver in Terneuzen is so thorough that, after purification, the wastewater can be discharged into a municipal water treatment.

Step-by-step water purification

The Indaver water purification system employs a minimum of two-phase process: a pre-treatment and a biological treatment (with UF-MBR).

Before the above treatments, there are also several pre-treatment possibilities.

In Terneuzen, Indaver offers pre-treatment techniques for dewatering sludges and also for waters containing heavy metals. There is an oil-water-separation-unit and a possibility for active carbon filtration.
Furthermore,  a vacuum evaporation-installation can separate all kinds of pollution (metals, salts and organics). This technique can purificate water and is based on difference in boiling point.

In it’s on-site laboratory Indaver conducts daily analyses of samples of the water to be discharged and amply satisfies discharge standards.

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Bas Wesdorp
Head Waste Water Purification
t +31 115 67 88 20