Totale service tank cleaning Terneuzen

Tankers transport a wide range of materials. That means that they need to be cleaned quickly, efficiently, thoroughly and safely on a regular basis. In Terneuzen, Indaver IWS (Industrial Waste Services) B.V offers a comprehensive service for tank cleaning and process equipment cleaning. This conforms to the strict standards required for this sector.

Our clients are mainly industrial companies and transport companies that are active in the ports of Zeebrugge, Gent, Terneuzen and Antwerp.

Washing facilities for internal and external cleaning

Transport and industrial companies want their tankers, tank containers and rail cars to be cleaned quickly and thoroughly immediately after use. The next trip is always already scheduled so by providing a fast turnaround on transport equipment cleaning you distinguish yourself in this market.

With seven covered washing facilities and certified staff, IWS provides efficient, fast and responsible cleaning – even of hard to clean materials such as resins.

  • two washing facilities have a rail connection specifically for tank containers on rail cars
  • three washing facilities are explosion-proof
  • five washing facilities have hot air dryers

For every completed cleaning project IWS will provide you with a unique European Cleaning Document (ERD/ECD). 

Leak test, vacuum test and inspections

Indaver offers the option of having a leak test or vacuum test carried out on the tanks after the cleaning process. Inspections, specialised surface treatments or small repairs are also possible.

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Hugo Gravestein
Head Cleaning
t +31 115 67 88 16