Intelligent waste management systems and specialised waste treatment facilities

Waste management is a relevant topic for both industry and local authorities. However, waste management is not one of their core activities, certainly not when it concerns unusual waste streams.

Indaver has a clear strategy: we develop intelligent waste management systems and specialised facilities that we manage and operate sustainably.

For us waste management is  core activity. We treat hazardous and non-hazardous waste in advanced facilities, both for industry and local authorities.

We offer a complete service for sustainable, economically responsible waste management.

Additional specialisms in waste treatment

Our additional, special services provide great added value for the majority of our clients. Consider Indaver Impex's highly-specialised sludge dewatering service. Among other things this offers 24/7 service provision to support continuity of production.

Tank cleaning is equally a specialist area in which Indaver can help to take care of business for clients. The treatment of wastewater is so thorough that the cleaned water can be discharged into the drain.

All of these services work from a sustainable approach with re-use of materials or recovery of energy wherever possible. In this way Indaver is contributing to the climate targets set by the Netherlands.

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