Ambitious waste management

Central Government sets high requirements and is ambitious when it comes to the environment in general and waste in particular. Local authorities have a duty to treat household waste properly, sustainably and at an acceptable cost. However, they also have to deal with extensive cutbacks. It is therefore difficult to invest in the knowledge necessary for the collection, sorting and recycling of waste. In addition there is often insufficient knowledge to market the separated collected waste fractions.

Indaver offers the full package for sustainable and economically responsible waste management.

Your service provision partner in waste management

Indaver offers its extensive knowledge and years of experience to local authorities. As a cooperative partner it can manage the entire waste chain and support you in the realisation of your ambitions. We have many high quality facilities throughout Europe for processing, recycling and incinerating waste streams. Our advanced waste management systems provide assured and certified processes. The reliable reports are available for consultation 24/7.

Perhaps most importantly, Indaver has highly qualified specialists, they make a big difference. Indaver continuously invests in furthering the knowledge of all of its employees.

The use of specialised waste treatment facilities and the management of intelligent waste management systems are our core competencies. Together we will continuously improve the recycling percentage and reduce the carbon footprint. And all of that at a realistic price.

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Robert Jansen
Tender Manager
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