Continuously investing, improving and innovating

Up until a few years ago, household waste was mainly considered to be an expense, but today we see waste as a source of valuable raw material. By ensuring household waste is efficiently and thoroughly separated at the source, local authorities can make considerable savings on waste management costs. However, this requires a good knowledge of technical options, available facilities and the waste market. Knowledge that local authorities now have less and less as a result of cutbacks and their numerous other priorities.

Get more out of household waste

At Indaver everything revolves around waste, from collection to making treatment as sustainable as possible. With special attention to the recovery of materials and energy. There is a good reason why our mission is oriented on closing materials loops. That is where we want to excel. With the help of our expertise you can get more from your waste, for example compost, biomass and sustainable energy, but also from plastic, metals, glass, wood, paper...

Leading the way in technologies and facilities

By continuously investing, improving and innovating, Indaver has the latest technologies in its 'best-in-class' facilities. We improve existing facilities to keep up with market norms in terms of quality and from a cost price perspective. 

We follow technological developments closely, take the initiative where necessary and work with universities and specialists. So that together we can turn promising innovations into actual projects and business cases.

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