Regional Management Team in the Netherlands

  • Peter Louwman

    Managing Director the Netherlands |
    • Working for Indaver and its legal predecessors as Managing Director since 1993
    • Held several senior management positions within the waste management industry and various executive positions since 1989
    • “At Indaver we aim to be leading the field in sustainable waste management and thereby demonstrate concern for people, safety and the environment”
  • Peter Driessen

    Director Sales IWS the Netherlands |
    • Working in senior operational and commercial management positions within Indaver and it’s legal predecessors since 1994
    • Has been working in the waste management field since 1994
    • "A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all"
  • Annick Van Driessen

    Director Supply Chain Operations |
    • Working for Indaver since 1991, joining the Dutch Management Team in 2010; responsible for Indaver IWS (Industrial Waste Services), Indaver Impex and Indaver's Supply Chain
    • Held several senior management and executive positions within Indaver and is a member of the International Management Team and Belgian Management Team as well
    • “Indaver IWS provides Total Waste Management for the industrial customer, ranging from on site activities and logistics to treatment; within an international scope”
  • Vincent Kok

    Director Operations the Netherlands |
    • Working for Indaver since 2017
    • Held various senior management positions focussed on business development and business improvement since 1994
    • “Delivering the best operational performance, with the mind-set and culture of the entire organisation to continue doing things better”
  • Myra Latuheru-Eversdijk

    Director Human Resources the Netherlands |
    • Working for Indaver since 2010
    • Held various strategic HR positions since 1996 and is a member of the Belgium Management Team as well
    • “Leadership is having the courage to make a difference every day, re-inventing the company every once in a while and creating life experiences from small signals”
  • Steven Vrolijk

    Finance Director the Netherlands |
    • Started working for Indaver in 2012
    • Held several senior financial positions since 1998
    • “A solid financial base provides operational composures”

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