Solid partner in sustainable waste management

In the quarter of a century in which Indaver has been active in sustainable waste management, it has become a respected partner for industries and local authorities. Steady growth in the Netherlands and abroad is the incontrovertible proof of that.

Bespoke strategic waste management

The transparent strategy provides a realistic approach to industrial and hazardous waste on the one hand and household and biowaste on the other. Indaver offers sustainable, integrated and cost-efficient total solutions for both industry and local authorities. In addition, we take the client's objectives as the point of departure and we provide bespoke solutions.

Our mission

Indaver is leading the field in sustainable waste management. It is our mission to maintain this position and we are continually developing waste management solutions for local authorities and industries. We are guided by ecological considerations combined with economically and socially responsible choices. In addition we opt for solid, long-term relationships with clients, partners and suppliers with the aim of collectively closing materials loops.

Our five core values

 We have made our mission a reality by formulating five core values: 

  • Demonstrating concern for people, safety and the environment – we want to operate in a way that is safe, socially responsible and sustainable, with our activities making minimal impact on our surroundings.
  • Building relationships based on mutual trust – with mutual trust as the basis, personal reliability and integrity are the requirements for an enduring relationship with each of our stakeholders.
  • Ensuring transparency in communications and actions – we say what we do and do what we say. 
  • Concentrating on achieving results – we are result-oriented and cost-efficient in everything we do.
  • Continuously improving – we constantly evaluate, check and optimise our service provision, operations and processes.

As an extension of these core values, Indaver takes care to record, share and embed into the organisation all of the experience and knowledge that we build up.



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