Continuously improving and innovating

The waste management and the environmentally friendly treatment of waste products are continually subject to change. Not only do the legal frameworks change as a result of sharpening the environmental focus, but technological developments are advancing rapidly.

For industries and local authorities dealing with waste, it is important that their waste collection and treatment provider is dynamic and innovative.

Leading the field in sustainable waste management

As is stated in its mission: leading the field in sustainable waste management, Indaver is constantly focused on improving and innovating. However, leading the field is only possible by continuously investing in innovation and by arriving at innovative, customer-oriented solutions. Improving and innovating are also deeply embedded within Indaver. As well as in its mission, this is also evidenced in its core value of continuous improvement. What’s more, innovation is the key to being able to achieve the corporate mission – to close the materials loop.

Indaver as a knowledge-driven organisation

Indaver constantly invests in developing and deepening its staff's knowledge. The focus across the entire organisation is on brainstorming and knowledge sharing. So managers follow the Triple C programme – Care, Connect, Coach – to help link the ambitions and passions of our often highly-educated staff with Indaver's own ambitions. By doing so, Indaver is developing the potential of well-educated staff that feel committed to the organisation. As a result, Indaver has a low turnover of staff and a low level of sick leave.

Innovative developments in waste treatment

Together with clients and partners Indaver develops innovative solutions for waste streams. Consider for example EcoFuels, the digester for residual waste streams from the food and beverage industry (F&B), or the VGF digester in Alphen aan den Rijn. We also look for opportunities to recover materials at the smallest, molecular level. Indaver Molecule Management, part of the Total Waste Management concept, strives for the safe and efficient recovery of valuable molecular components from hazardous waste products.

Indaver works in a structured manner on innovative techniques or service concepts that have potential. Our project-based approach ensures a constant and careful balance is achieved between the desired innovation and the necessary investment.

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