Good organisation of public waste management

Local authorities have a duty to collect their residents' waste and to process it (or have it processed) sustainably. The national waste policy specifies the working parameters, taking European legislation and ambitions into account. The national ambitions are set out in the VANG programme ('Van Afval naar Grondstof' or 'From Waste to Raw Material') which consists of eight objectives with specific action programmes.

Better separation of residual waste

The challenge for local authorities lies in managing the costs of waste management and the attendant rate of the waste collection levy. On the other hand there is the need to implement a sustainable waste policy that will lead to good and far-reaching separation of household waste.
From 1 January 2015, the government has imposed a tax per ton of residual waste. The aim is, in addition to filling the coffers, to promote increased and improved separation of waste. Naturally, good waste separation produces purer fractions that are easier to recycle well. Recovery of raw materials and energy from waste fits in well with the ideal of a circular economy. By closing materials loops in a CO2 and energy-efficient manner, we are making a contribution to the prosperity and well-being of society.

Public waste PartnershipS, Indaver is your partner in waste

As a local authority you have to deal with increasing complexity regarding the treatment of the waste you collect and the inherent administrative obligations. As a solution for all of these issues, Indaver offers you its Public waste PartnershipS (PwPS): flexible, high quality, bespoke solutions geared to local authorities. The mission to be leading the field in sustainable waste management is Indaver’s guiding principle here, too:

• leading the field as a waste treatment company that is continually investing in improvements and innovations;
• sustainable thanks to the well-balanced tailored solutions that Indaver produces;
• our vision on waste management, the foundation of our client-oriented service provision.

Are you also striving for better waste separation and more recycling in your municipality? Indaver has a clear vision on current issues and is happy to give you some handy tips. We are always prepared to share our knowledge in discussions with you. 

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