Leading the field in sustainable waste management

Growing international consumption is putting increased pressure on the available raw materials. And although researchers have different opinions on the extent and the time, it is clear that a shortage will occur.

With over 25 years of experience and a well-established reputation, Indaver has become synonymous with sustainable waste management. Based on its five core values Indaver works diligently on using waste in the best possible way. Recovering materials and energy from waste is becoming increasingly profitable from an economic point of view and increasingly essential from an ecological point of view. As an extension of that, Indaver is striving to close materials loops in a CO2 and energy efficient manner. In doing so it hopes to make a contribution to resolving part of the raw materials shortage.

High quality bespoke services for industry and local authorities

With our high tech waste treatment plants we process (hazardous) industrial waste in a sustainable and responsible manner. For household waste and similar industrial waste, we are working on closing the materials loop. Both for local authorities (Public waste PartnershipS) and industry (Total Waste Management) we are your partner for flexible, high quality, bespoke solutions.

Exceptional in the Netherlands

Indaver Nederland works on implementing its transparent strategy on the basis of a values-driven culture with knowledge-based organisation. From our mission 'leading the field in sustainable waste management' we have formulated five core values that guide us in our activities.

Indaver Nederland is a full subsidiary of the Indaver Group. Katoen Natie SA is the sole shareholder of Indaver. 

Indaver Nederland has its own management team and has an annual turnover of approximately 110 million euros. Around 220 staff work across 20 locations, primarily in the south-west of the Netherlands.

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