Always up to date: Safety

Each year, Indaver runs  company-wide safety campaigns. Regions may choose to supplement the company-wide campaigns should the situation call for it. For example, in cold and icy areas, a regular winter-safety campaign reminds people to be aware of and to avoid slippery and icy surfaces.

New safety campaign: “Work safe ◆ Home safe ◆ Everyone ◆ Every day”

Work and home are not separate worlds. If there is a safety incident at work an employee will also pay the price in his or her private life. This is the message of the safety campaign that Indaver launched in 2017. It gave the annual group-wide safety campaign a more personal touch. In the poster campaign we emphasise that we provide personal protective equipment, but that employees have a responsibility to wear it. Our people modelled it. They posed at work and while practising their hobbies: a saxophonist tells why he protects his hands, a bird lover why he protects his eyes at work. The campaign will also be running in 2018.

Lesson of the Year

In 2016 Indaver in the Netherlands introduced a poll for the Safety Lesson of the Year. Indaver attaches a great deal of importance to the safety lessons that keep our employees vigilant and give them a sharper edge. So, in 2017 employees were once again given the chance to submit the lessons they had learned. The winners were announced during the Christmas outing in December and given their moment to shine. Gilco Baaij from IWS Terneuzen took the honours. His lesson learned led to a hose rack being relocated and loading trucks on site has become better organised and safer as a result. In 2017 Indaver in the Netherlands also organised a safety day for all the sites.

Safety begins with you

Incidents resulting in injury often arise because employees deviate from the safe work method or do not use their personal protective equipment. The safe course of action of our employees themselves is therefore crucial to a safe working environment. We expect everyone at Indaver, at all levels and in all positions, to take responsibility for their own safety and that of their colleagues. Under the heading 'Safety begins with you' we work continually and systematically to develop this culture. The management leads by example. The members of the International Management Team (IMT) – including CEO Paul De Bruycker – and of every Regional Management Team (RMT) pay an annual visit to the sites to give safety talks to the people that work there.

Managers receive training on how to identify safety risks, how to communicate findings to colleagues, how to set a good example themselves, and how to motivate their people to follow that example. Indaver also organises training courses to help employees tackle each other about unsafe behaviour. By having this safety dialogue, at all levels, employees feel confident and knowledgeable and so will make suggestions for improvements and share their views and concerns. The dialogue creates connections and also normalises conversations about safety.

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