CO₂ Performance ladder raises awareness

Every year Indaver provides information on what it is doing to raise awareness and reduce energy consumption within its organisation. The tool it uses for doing so, the CO2 Performance ladder, is the benchmark for environmentally-aware businesses who want to use more sustainable business practices. The use of the CO2 Performance ladder leads to lower energy and materials costs as well as lower CO2 emissions. The associated certificate is increasingly incorporated in tender processes, so as to take into account the in which the level the business has reached.

Ambitious reduction of CO2 emissions

Indaver has a strong ambition. Between 2014 and 2018 it hopes to achieve a reduction in CO2 of 2% per annum compared to the previous year. This applies to both scope 1 (direct) emissions and scope 2 (indirect) emissions. Our 2017 carbon footprint was ascertained and validated in May 2018. And our efforts to limit it have been encouraging. Our CO2-Aware Certificate was renewed until 2020.

Energy-saving measures

In 2017 we continued our energy-saving measure. Energy-efficient shovels arrived and the drive system for the shredders and ventilators was improved. IWS Terneuzen was fitted with new LED lighting which is not only more energy-efficient, it is also safer, as staff can see their work better. An energy-saving assessment was carried out on this site which forms the basis for a new energy-management action plan.


For years there has been a Zeeuwind windmill on Indaver's VGF compost site at Vlissingen Oost. In 2017, the old model was dismantled, and a new windmill with a bigger turbine, which can produce more energy, has been installed in its place. 

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