Transparent reporting on sustainable waste management

Indaver strives to incorporate sustainable business practices in all of its activities – processes, techniques, waste management. And anyone who claims to use sustainable business practices, must be able to prove it to the world.

With its annual sustainability report, Indaver makes it clear how sustainability has taken shape over the previous calendar year in Indaver's policy and conduct.

This report can be obtained in a number of ways: 

  • a short summary is available as a flyer
  • read Indaver's full Sustainability Report here


In the Netherlands, Indaver is constantly making efforts to keep the impact of its operations on people and the environment as low as possible and to further reduce its environmental footprint, by investing in new technologies and methods and improving existing ones. Here are some of our current projects testifying to our philosophy of sustainability:

Demonstrating concern for people and safety

Indaver is guided by a number of spearheads for making sustainable waste management a reality.
In the Netherlands, we

  • give safety and the sustainable quality of our processes and technology high priority and,
  • our policy is also aimed at social commitment both towards our own staff and towards society as a whole.

Material recovery in the Netherlands

In order to secure adequate supply of raw materials for future generations, we have to reduce our consumption and recover as many of these raw materials as possible. As a waste management company, Indaver is in a position  to lead the way towards the creation of a circular economy. Indaver is emphatically opting for quality - i.e. high-value recycling - over quantity. Some appealing facts:

  • From vegetables, garden and fruit waste Indaver recovers 3 high quality raw materials and 
  • EcoFuels always opts for the most sustainable method of treatment for organic waste streams coming from the food and beverage industry

Creating added value for client and society

Together with clients and partners Indaver develops innovative solutions for waste streams. By continuously investing, improving and innovating, Indaver has the latest technologies in its 'best-in-class' facilities. Some examples:

  • in 2015 Indaver completely renovated the ARP facility at the Tata Steel site in IJmuiden, using the latest technical facilities and sustainable materials and
  • Indaver Impex was able to further strenghen its international position with the acquisition of 2 additional business.


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