Lean Six Sigma guides improvement at Indaver and allows people to grow

With Lean Six Sigma we tackle complex recurring problems using a systematic and structured approach. We thereby improve the efficiency of our facilities and processes, or we increase profitability or compliance. Our staff look proactively for ways to improve the processes in their own or other departments and to make them more efficient. We want them automatically to question why they are doing what they are doing and whether there is a better way.

There are Yellow Belts, Green Belts or Black Belts working on LSS projects in all of Indaver's regions. Black Belts lead large-scale, often international project improvements; Green Belts conduct more targeted improvements within regions and within departments. In total, Indaver currently has 5 Black Belts and 47 Green Belts. In 2017, we also added Yellow Belts, who conduct simple improvement projects to help teams find a quick solution. 23 Yellow and Green Belts are currently receiving intensive coaching from the Black Belts. Using this LSS approach they are even better trained to see opportunities for improvement - and they can concentrate more on structural improvements. Since the start of LSS in 2015 Indaver has set up 91 improvement projects (Belgium, Ireland, the Netherlands). 58 of those continue in 2018..

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