Indaver invests continuously in its talent

Indaver is always looking for innovative and safe systems to deal with complex and sometimes hazardous waste flows. But regardless of how good our treatment facilities and management systems might be, ultimately it is our people that make the difference. In 2015 we continued to invest in the development and safety of our people who devise systems for customers and society as well as implementing them, as revealed in our Sustainability Report.

High safety score

The safety trend at Indaver in 2015 improved even further compared to 2014. We are achieving a score which is significantly better than the average for companies in the waste sector. Most incidents resulting in time off work involved minor injuries and were usually due to incidents such as tripping, slipping and hand injuries unrelated to the treatment process. In 2015, the Group-wide safety campaign focused on these non-process-related safety topics.

Critical safety culture

For Indaver, healthy and safe working comes first. We offer the requisite safety training courses and health checks. We provide protective equipment and ensure that facilities are safe and fit working environments . We encourage a critical culture in which we urge employees to suggest improvements and to challenge others on unsafe behaviour. Management engage in safety discussions with their teams. This intensive campaign is producing positive results.

Stable workforce

Indaver boasted 1,687 employees in 2015. We intend to attract, develop and retain talent. We have invested in 57,869 hours of training and development for our employees. With our policy of sustainable employability, we aim to provide our personnel with longer professional careers by motivating and challenging them, as well as ensuring that they are more widely employable. The average age of our employees is now 43.9, with an average of 11.6 years of service.

Retaining talent

In 2015 workplaces in the Netherlands were examined by an expert for ergonomic improvements and employee workshops were provided with tips on how to sleep better, stop smoking and eat more healthily through. In Belgium we introduced new learning management software, entitled People Platform, which helps employees map out their learning path. In Ireland, a booklet summarising the comprehensive management training programme was developed. In Germany, Indaver modified its shift system in consultation with the workforce.

Encouraging innovation

The circular economy demands new solutions. Production processes need to become more efficient, service provision and business models more innovative. Indaver has a part to play in this and is therefore preparing a systematic approach to breakthrough innovation as well. Breakthrough innovation relates to systems that are new to the Indaver organisation, including technological innovation as well as new forms of service provision. Indaver organised an in-house innovation competition in 2015 to get this approach up and running. Members of staff submitted 50 entries, with a good balance between new and existing technologies, as well as business models.

Interactive PDF

The 2015 Sustainability Report was compiled on the basis of the five Ps, our principles for sustainable business: Policy, People, Planet, Partnerships and Prosperity. Each chapter is introduced by a vision statement, in which – for each principle – we explain how Indaver is making a difference with its operations on that particular sustainability parameter. This report can be viewed in PDF format on Indaver’s corporate website. The PDF is interactive: readers can navigate the document by clicking.

Read Indaver’s 2015 Sustainability Report here.

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