Risk management crucial in healthcare industry

Hospitals and other healthcare institutions have a special responsibility. It is of utmost importance that they provide a clean and healthy environment to their patients, employees and visitors. Since they are in the business of curing disease, they need to be extremely careful in managing risk. Not only are they responsible for properly disinfected tools, they also need to respect stringent hygiene and safety measures when dealing with hazardous medical waste.

News about Ebola, hospital bacteria etc. increase the awareness of patients, their visitors and employees to critically look at their environment. Safe working environments, customer-friendly and top quality patient care is important for the continued existence of hospitals. Therefore a lot of hospitals received quality accreditations or are in the process of getting one. Waste Management is an important part of the accreditation assessment.

In order to support its healthcare industry customers, Indaver decided to launch a series of newsletters with relevant information in terms of organizing their waste management. Several leading institutes, reputed hospitals and professional experts give their opinion about the management and treatment of hazardous medical waste. Different treatment methods are analysed presenting both the advantages and disadvantages, future challenges and what has been accomplished so far. What can and must improve? The interviews and visual with facts & figures of waste management in hospitals reveal important information for the industry. 

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