Stimulating correct sorting: signage catalogue launched!

Separating industrial waste is essential for risk and cost management. Separating at source is the first and most important step. Next to instructing your personnel properly, signage helps to avoid errors and improve correct sorting.

This is why Indaver develops and delivers signage and awareness materials to its TWM customers -where on-site services are delivered. For the different waste streams and collection points on your site, a variety of materials are available. For your convenience, Indaver developed a standardized signage catalogue with clear visuals of signage materials for the most recurrent waste streams.

This new tool simplifies and speeds up the follow-up of signage requests for the most common waste streams (general waste, glass, paper, cardboard etc.). The high-quality ‘standardised’ signage materials are kept in stock, which makes immediate delivery possible. All signage materials exhibit the typical Indaver look&feel, which makes European standardisation possible. This way, when your management visits your sites in various countries, they see the same signs and get the same feel. They will notice that the same level of service/care applies to waste management in each country.

The catalogue is a series of 11 most recurrent waste streams with all our European customers. Per waste streams, the most used receptacles and the matching signage are visualised. Also for waste collection areas different signage possibilities are included.

If you think signage might have added value for your site, please contact your Indaver Project Manager. Together, you can see what is possible related to scope en get answers to  most recurrent questions:

- What does the Indaver signage looks like?
- What type of materials are available?
- What is the value of the signage materials?
- What principles are applicable with the Indaver signage? (design, size, material)
- What waste streams and segregation rules are used most?
- How do you choose the best solution?

Want to discover what is possible? Please contact your Indaver Project Manager.

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