New industrial platform to promote safety in sector

In a pharmachem production environment waste management involves certain risks. By sharing best practices with other chain players in a new platform, Indaver wants to enhance its safety performance.

Managing and handling hazardous, complex and critical waste demands an expert with a thorough chemical knowledge. Indaver Industrial Waste Services (IWS) knows how to deal with those risks thanks to its many years of experience implementing Total Waste Management services with the pharmachem industry. Diverse procedures, protocols, guidelines but also ISO, OHSAS/VCA certificates guarantee safety efforts and thus the quality of service you’ll get. Nevertheless no one has succeeded yet to prevent safety incidents for 100%. That is why we should all stay vigilant and knowledge sharing can have a significant impact in that.

Since January 2016 Indaver is part of the Dutch collaboration ‘Safety, a top priority’ together with 5 other waste companies. President and figurehead Anton van Beek, CEO of Dow Benelux ( DOW UK and DOW Terneuzen in The Netherlands both have Indaver’s Total Waste Management projects up and running at their sites), says “Safety is never ready. It would be ready if there were zero incidents but that is Utopia”. Still too many incidents occur in the chemical or pharmaceutical industry. Working continuously on safety is a must. That is why ‘Safety, a top priority’ brings chemical companies and partners in the chain together to share best practices and exchange less good experiences to learn from.

Safety within Indaver is not only what the chemical industry expects from us, we are supposed to be leading the field in terms of safe waste management. Indaver operators and project managers are trained and have experience in dealing with hazardous substances  They have to set an example for the operators of our customers.  Additionally we support the pharmachem companies with specific communication and sensizing tools and materials to increase the safety awareness. For example, Indaver can deliver clear on-site signage to stimulate correct segregation behaviour and posters/leaflets with guidelines for correct packaging and transport of hazardous waste. The knowledge sharing with other players in the chemical and waste sector sharpens the Indaver safety awareness so that we keep on leading the field in sustainable and safe waste management.

If you want to know more about this collaboration ‘Safety, a top priority’ and how it wants to improve the safety performances, click here (only available in Dutch).

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