NEW: a step-by-step plan for safe packaging & loading of your waste

Since compliance with all waste legislation - including ADR- is key for attaining a sustainable waste management and protecting our environment and people, the authorities have intensified their random controls on the road.

Since irregularities can have a large financial impact and in case of liabilities can cause (reputational) damage, Indaver developed a step-by-step plan for a correct packaging, sealing, labeling and preparation-for-transport of hazardous waste. We wish to not only inform you about the correct handling but also sensitize you to work according to all regulations.

Despite the limited visual controls our drivers can perform , we believe that joining forces will help you to be ADR-compliant when packing and transporting your waste. All parties involved (waste producer/on site operators/ packaging responsible/transporter ) have to play their role to make a safe and compliant transport of hazardous waste possible so fines and liabilities can be avoided.

Through your commercial contacts and/or drivers, Indaver will provide you with a poster. Your Indaver Project Manager is your first contact point in case you might have questions.

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