New name for PhysicoChemical treatment units in Antwerp

We herewith invite you to view the images which were made recently on our production site for hazardous waste in Antwerp. We seize the opportunity to anounce the new name for our physicochemical installations: IndaChem Liquids (PC1) en IndaChem Solids (PC2). Why giving them a name? Because they are worth it.

These are not just physicochemical waste treatment reactors. With our 25 years of experience, Indaver has developed them into specialized, high-tech, innovative processing plants which play an important role in the safe and secure treatment and disposal of hazardous waste streams. Along the way, Indaver has become leader in the field of physicochemical processing too. 

  • Indaver processes the most complex waste streams, streams that others can’t treat.
  • Indaver reuses some of its own ashes as binding material, meaning no need to use ‘new’ raw material.
  • Indaver also developed smart systems for unloading liquid waste to the PC units and for discharging waste water to the water treatment installations, all of which reduces risk, cost and maintenance (shutdown) to a minimum, becoming a highly effective and efficient processing plant.

The physicochemical treatment plants are an integral part of the Antwerpen site. Here, we process inorganic hazardous waste streams (not for incineration) and remaining liquid and solid waste components from the Indaver incinerators on site. The end product goes to landfill.

This too is a carefully designed engineering project, built layer-by-layer for optimum protection whilst making real smart use of granular bottom ashes, which keep the landfill passable and safe for the vehicles used in its build-up. Since it is so interlinked with the physicochemical reactors, the landfill receives a name as well: IndaChem Storage.

Now you understand why we don’t talk about ‘physicochemical 1 and 2’ and ‘landfill category 1’ anymore.
Come and meet IndaChem Solids (ICS), IndaChem Liquids (ICL) and IndaChem Storage. They are worth it!

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