Indaver launches flexible reporting tool

Indaver recently released its long-promised reporting tool, named Indaflex. The customer can now combine the selected data in a tailor-made, transparent and clarifying overview. 

This new tool offers no new data but gives our customers the possibility to analyse their data in a fast and flexible way, directly in the Indaver e-reporting system. Via six column selectors they first determine which fields are to be included in the report. Then they chose between 10 types of representations -with the view selector- for the selected data and fields. This creates a wide variety in types of reports to chose from.

This new Indaflex tool is available via an additional tab under the Customer Zone ‘Reporting’. Beside quantities, costs, delivery reports, legal reporting and invoice reports, Indaver offers its customers an extra added value. This new service helps them to draw up their own specific reports, saving time, which leaves more time for interpretation and taking action.

Via “usage tracking” we noticed that the number of Indaflex-users grows exponentially, indicating this tool has found its way to its users. We were well prepared to respond to any of your questions or resolve your issues but so far, we have only received positive feedback. Our customers seem happy and so are we.

Should you have any questions, then please contact your account manager.
Your IWS-services team


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