J&J honours Indaver with Sustainability Award

On 6 May 2015, out of a selection of 200 of J&J's top suppliers, Bart Goethals, CCO of Industrial Waste Services Europe received the Janssen Sustainability Award 2015. Indaver was honoured together with subcontractor Mastermelt, a British refiner, for its innovative Indaver Molecule Management or IMM® approach for short. IMM® means that valuable materials can be isolated from hazardous and/or complex industrial waste. Once purified, this can be re-used in the industry so that together we are achieving a circular economy.

One such IMM® project has recently been carried out for J&J (Janssen), an Indaver customer from the very beginning. The very expensive Palladium (used among other things as a catalyst in pharmaceutical processes) was discovered in a pharmaceutical waste stream by the Indaver Total Waste Management (TWM) project team. Subsequently, that waste stream was modified so that the Pd-molecules in the waste stream could be purified.

This Award is further recognition of the innovative way in which Indaver develops its partnerships with customers. Sustainable solutions, even for industrial waste, is why Indaver is preferential TWM-partner for the major European industries.

Read more about IMM® on the innovation page of this website.

PHOTO: CCO Bart Goethals and a representative from Mastermelt receiving the Janssen Sustainability Award 2015.

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