Our mission, core values and values-driven behaviour: the guideline for our sustainable business

The bar is high for businesses. Customers impose ever more stringent requirements, but they are not the only stakeholders with clear expectations. In a complex world like this one, businesses are wise if they make clear what they stand for. Indaver is doing this and more with its updated company code. Our updated company code addresses the expectations of all our stakeholders: customers, suppliers and partners, personnel and subcontractors, neighbours and the environment, government bodies and our shareholders.

Corporate social responsibility is woven into the fabric of Indaver's strategy and organisation. We are continuously raising our standard in this area. Integrity and social responsibility are essential for doing business in today’s globalised economy. A business cannot grow without a sustainable relationship of trust with all its stakeholders.

Our business code: guideline for sustainable business

Indaver therefore intends to be transparent at all times about what it wants to achieve and how it will do so. To this end, we have our updated company code as a guideline. This sets out our mission, our primary values, our responsibilities to and expectations of our stakeholders and the standards and rules that apply to each of our employees. This company code is the basis for our sustainable business. Indaver is a values-driven organisation that attaches a great deal of importance to its core values in all its operations. Safety of all those involved, striving to minimise the impact of its activities on the surrounding area, major focus on its process, product and service quality, concentrated on achieving results, striving for continuous improvement, with a high degree of transparency towards all stakeholders at all times.

Refurbishment addresses expectations

Indaver has taken its company code firmly in hand. In this way, we are meeting the expectations of our stakeholders and also responding to the suggestions from the CSR evaluation from the external audit system, EcoVadis, which is considered to be the ISO certification for corporate social responsibility. Indaver scores excellently in their evaluation concerning the environment and working conditions, but EcoVadis did ask that the theme ‘fair trading practices’ be better documented in the company code. So the new company code goes deeper into aspects including anti-corruption and confidentiality. Furthermore, now there is also extensive focus on the requirements that Indaver imposes on our suppliers in the area of sustainable business. They must be able to demonstrate that they do not employ child labour, that they work in environmentally-safe conditions and that they provide their employees with a proper wage and appropriate working conditions. Indaver is now in the top 8% of all of the businesses assessed by EcoVadis, with a nomination for ‘Advanced Gold CSR Commitment’. With our updated company code, we are counting on gaining an even better score next time.

Identity and values-driven behaviour

For each core value and for each stakeholder we have thus documented what measures we use for sustainable business. How our core values can be pursued in actual practice is set out in specific rules of conduct for each stakeholder and in value-driven conduct for every employee. This means all of the parties involved know what they can expect from Indaver and what we expect of them. This makes it clear what demands the organisation, employees and stakeholders can place on one another. Putting it briefly, the company code gives our stakeholders a clear idea of what they can expect from us, and – conversely – what we expect of them. Our company code gives our employees a social identity that guides their daily activities.

Paul De Bruycker, CEO Indaver nv

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