New Indaver website displays communication with a view to the future

Over the years, Indaver has grown into a European undertaking.  We have worked hard to further streamline the activities in our four regions, Belgium, Germany, Ireland & UK, and the Netherlands, so that our customers everywhere can count on the same high-quality service provision.  In order to give communication throughout all the regions the same look & feel, we have revitalised our corporate and regional websites.

However, it has turned into more than a make-over.  Our websites have been thoroughly renovated and reconsidered based on the trends in web-building and writing.  Since the previous version of our websites, the use of mobile devices has expanded hugely.  We have therefore also opted for a simple design that lends itself to easier translation to smartphones and tablets.  The whole website is responsive, which means that the content is presented in an attractive way, also on mobile devices.

The navigation bar at the top is easy to scan, and at a glance gives visitors an impression of the information they can expect under each button.  At the foot of each page, shortcuts guide our customers, and specific target groups such as journalists or students who want to make use of the website, to subjects relevant to them.

Most of all, we have done without all the bells and whistles, in order to concentrate our attention and yours on the content via a transparent layout.  Indaver is a concern motivated by values that does what it says and says what it does.  This transparency communicates with everyone who has an interest in our undertaking.

In defining the content, we have also kept these people in mind: the companies and people living near to our plants, the government bodies, our public and industrial customers, students, journalists and other interested parties.  Every one of our stakeholders is important to us.  They ensure that we can operate our plants and can expand and improve our activities, that we can build up a relationship with our neighbourhood, based on openness and trust.  Our industrial and government customers bring waste to our plants for processing so that we can jointly safeguard the materials cycle.  All our stakeholders deserve correct and transparent information.

These websites have appeared after a year’s hard work behind the scenes, after many months of discussion, research, writing and re-writing and making technical modifications.  Of continuous improvement, just as Indaver does continuously in order to best respond to the needs of our customers and society.

Paul De Bruycker, CEO

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