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Indaver Separation Technologies is the international expert on sludge dewatering for industry and business. In 2015 Indaver Separation Technologies (Indaver Impex) was able to further strengthen its international position with the acquisition of two businesses. The expansion of the fleet and the growth in specialists and experts makes Indaver Separation Technologies an interesting, internationally-oriented knowledge partner.

Undisputed market leader in the Benelux region

In January 2015 Indaver Separation Technologies acquired the sludge dewatering operations of Befra Belgium bvba,thus strengthening Indaver Separation Technologies's position as the market leader in sludge dewatering in the Benelux region. The acquisition includes the customer portfolio, the specialists and three sludge dewatering installations. The expansion fits in with the growing demand for mobile sludge dewatering services in the Benelux region and surrounding countries.

Strategic partnership with Alfa Laval in the UK

Alfa Laval and Indaver Separation Technologies have been partners for many years. Alfa Laval develops and produces (mobile) sludge dewatering installations for Indaver Separation Technologies. In turn, Indaver Separation Technologies regularly tests Alfa Laval's latest dewatering techniques in practice. In June 2015 Indaver Separation Technologies acquired Alfa Laval UK's mobile sludge dewatering fleet (nine units), including the specialists. With this takeover Indaver Separation Technologies has strengthened its position regarding sludge dewatering in the United Kingdom. The takeover, prompted by Alfa Laval's desire to concentrate on its core operations, further strengthens the relationship between both partners.

Wilhelmshaven dewatering project

One special international project was the dewatering of a slurry mass on board a ship in the German port of Wilhelmshaven in November 2015. Its cargo of fertiliser had been rendered unusable after a fire had to be extinguished on board. Due to the deployment of the experts and Indaver Separation Technologies's dewatering installation, both the volume of sludge to be removed and the associated processing costs were dramatically reduced.

Floods in the United Kingdom

At the end of 2015 the United Kingdom was hit by heavy flooding. Once the water had receded, the water boards (the regional authorities responsible for water quality and management) had to contend with water purification plants that were completely overwhelmed. Across entire areas wastewater from households and businesses could no longer be purified. Yorkshire Water approached Indaver Separation Technologies (Impex) to re-establish their operations as quickly as possible. Within two weeks Indaver Separation Technologies had built the first dewatering installation. Indaver Separation Technologies impressed with its smooth project management, high-tech equipment and the technical knowledge of its operators in building the installation and it was called on to build a second installation at the end of January 2016. Thanks to the rapid response of Indaver Separation Technologies the local authorities were able to resume services for local communities.

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