Knowledge management is top priority for us

Indaver doesn't have all the knowledge it needs at its fingertips. We are constantly looking for ways to test and enrich the knowledge that is present within our organisation and to gain new expertise. To help close loops sustainably, we invest in technological innovation. Successful innovation is a long way off and we can't get there on our own. We work closely with universities and research institutions to set up and conduct innovative projects. Together we turn promising ideas into feasible projects.

National Waste Management Plan

The state secretary of Infrastructure and Water Management established the National Waste Management plan 2017-2029 (LAP3) at the end of November 2017. In the consultation phase, Indaver asked for specific attention to be paid to the production of high-quality raw materials. In addition, Indaver would particularly like to collaborate in the chain so that it can safeguard the quality from the moment it is collected.

Meetings and visits

In 2017, there was also great interest in tours and meetings. BioPower Alphen was particularly popular. Aside from pupils, the site was also visited by policy-makers from the NVRD Zuid-Holland [the South-Holland association for waste and cleaning management] and the local IVN Nature education department. TV West came to film for the VGF episode of the programme 'Johan gaat Scheiden' [Johan goes Sorting'], a TV series on OmroepWest all about waste treatment and recycling. Zeeland students visited the VGF composting site in Nieuwdorp.

Cooperation with educational institutions

In 2017, to support QESH during his internship, a student from the HZ University of Applied Sciences suggested a plan for implementing the new ISO 9001 and 14001 standards. Indaver also received advice from a doctoral / master’s student of Business Studies Management Economy and Law about making adjustments to our Performance Management Cycle to make it more flexible.

Finally, nine student teams from Rotterdam University started working on a case-study for Indaver on communicating with target groups that are difficult to reach.

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