Working on Well Being

Indaver is developing a policy that focuses on the sustainable employment for everyone, regardless of their role, age, or gender. Indaver’s sustainable employment policy is based on four pillars:

  • Health and Energy,
  • Subject knowledge and Skills,
  • Motivation and Involvement,
  • Work-Life Balance.


BRAVO is the acronym for bewegen (exercise), roken (smoking), alcohol, voeding (nutrition) and ontspanning (relaxation). The periodic health check-ups that Indaver in the Netherlands organised in 2017 revealed that the percentage of smokers has fallen by at least 30%. Of the remaining smokers, half want help with giving up. These results strengthened our resolve to make all Indaver sites in the Netherlands smoke-free by 1 January 2018. This does not include smoking outside working hours in special smoking cabins. At the same time, we offer potential stoppers the option to follow support training. Special offers on fruit, sport allowances, and campaigns relating to healthy eating and a better work-life balance are all paying off.

Flexibilisation of employment conditions package

Since 2017 every Indaver employee in the Netherlands has been able to adapt their employment conditions to their own personal situation and plans for the future. Thanks to the Individual Budget employees can choose for themselves how to use the monthly accrual of their year-end bonus or 13th month. This gives them more control of their budget and free time.

With the Generation Scheme Indaver in the Netherlands is responding to the ever-increasing retirement age. In their last five years of work employees can take a step back to enable them to have a healthy and sustainable end to their career.

Overhaul of performance review system

In 2017, as part of a graduation project, an advisory report was drawn up on the possibilities of a new performance review system. Employees contributed by completing the survey in huge numbers. By running workshops, managers then made a start on developing the first contours of the new system. The new Performance Management system is being introduced in 2018. It is simpler, more flexible, and digitalised, and should lead to performance reviews being as objective as possible.

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