Socially involved

It is important to us to be to be a good neighbour to the residents living near to our facilities and to be a good partner in the regions where we are located. We ensure open communication and good relations.. We use neighbourhood councils and consultation committees to keep our neighbours up to date with our activities, projects and permit applications or renewals. and we make time for their questions. We organise open days and site visits to give our neighbours a peak behind the scenes. But we also organise these visits for foreign visitors who want to get new ideas from our sites for sustainable waste management in their own countries. We also share good practice on trade missions abroad.

Bio Power Alphen

At the Bio Power Alphen VGF digester the local residents were being affected by odour from the digester. Indaver drew up an action plan that targeted the sources of the odour. Local residents were informed about the investments and measures that Indaver applied to reduce the odour nuisance. They were also notified of the planned works to the post-treatment facility. These are necessary to improve the quality of the compost.


As Derde Merwedehaven, a former landfill site, is being repurposed, it is receiving a new name: Merwedeheuvel. Following construction, Merwedeheuvel will be accessible to the public in 2023. Indaver Netherlands drew up plans for the area in 2016, and part of the process included a walk over the site with representatives from the Dordrecht and Sliedrecht local authorities and interested parties. The design plan in which the agreed landscape design was elaborated on, was definitively confirmed in the same year. Developments at Merwedeheuvel  can be viewed on the website:


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