Consciously sustainable business in waste

People (in the Western world) are currently using many more raw materials than the earth can produce. If we are to leave behind a good living environment for the generations following us, we need to live and work more sustainably, starting yesterday.

At Indaver, sustainability has been embedded in all of our activities for years. It is with good reason that our mission is to lead the field in sustainable waste management.

Our contribution to this world is to reduce our current footprint and to close materials loops sustainably and in an energy and CO2-efficient way.

Indaver's spearheads for sustainable waste management

Indaver is guided by a number of spearheads for making sustainable waste management a reality:

  • we strive for maximum recovery of materials and minimum impact on the environment;
  • we give safety and the sustainable quality of our processes and technology high priority;
  • we pay particular attention to fair business principles, as embedded into our company code 
  • our policy is also aimed at social commitment both towards our own staff and towards society as a whole.

Sustainable performance and reporting

You can read about how Indaver puts its spearheads for sustainable waste management into practice in the annual sustainability report. In this report we demonstrate openly how we try to have a minimal impact on people and the environment in every aspect of our business. We continuously invest in new technologies and methods that further restrict our emissions. That is evident for example in our participation in the CO2 Performance ladder on which we are currently positioned on the third rung.

In short, sustainable business is not just a hollow phrase for Indaver, it is a conscious choice.

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