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In United Kingdom

Yorkshire Water, United Kingdom
The Regional Water Authority

At the end of 2015, Yorkshire Water encountered flood issues on many of their wastewater treatment sites. This flood resulted in major damage to their processing equipment and water ingress meant that electrical circuits were damaged, along with many of the mechanical parts. Faced with such an immediate concern and unexpected downtime on a number of sites, Yorkshire Water needed a speedy solution to ensure their ongoing supply was not compromised. Read the whole story

In Switzerland

BONFOL, Switzerland
Hazardous remediation waste safely and sustainably removed by train

The Bonfol waste landfill project in Switzerland meant excavating/remediating a surface area 20.000m2 full of hazardous waste dating back till the 1960’s. After a careful study the waste was transported to Indaver treatment facilities in Belgium and Germany by rail opting for the most sustainable, safe and cost-conscious transport. Read the whole story 

In Belgium

OVAM, Belgium
Sustainable remediation of lamp recycling site

Three large warehouses full of mercury-containing lamps, fluorescent powders, waste glass and other materials contaminated with mercury were left behind after the bankruptcy of lamp recycling company Ides in Aalst. A sustainable and competitive solution, including safe handling, transport & processing, was needed for this potentially hazardous situation. Read the whole story

Niko, Belgium
Full service at all levels

Market leader in electrical and swith gear, light control and home automation Niko wanted full relief in terms of its waste management. It values the proactive approach seeking for dynamic optimizations. Moreover, the strong involvement gives confidence when outsourcing the waste management. Read the whole story 

Ghent canal area, Belgium
Total Waste Management in the Ghent canal area

The port of Ghent centralizes a lot of industry and heavy traffic of goods. Since Total Waste Management is not only processing waste but also includes logistical, administrative and operational services Indaver serves the industrial sector in Ghent as a one-stop-shopping partner. An extensive portfolio of customers in a range of sectors like (petro)chemicals, metallurgy, electronics and biotechnology benefit from a TWM-approach. Discover how these customers benefit from the proximity of Indaver’s installations. Read the whole story 

VIB, Belgium
Is cost-efficient transport also sustainable?

Vereniging voor Inkoop & logistiek (VIB), Antwerp BE.

Practice shows sustainable transport of hazardous waste is a matter of seeking the right balance between ecology, economy and the lowest possible risk. Transport has a strong impact on the cost and sustainability of waste management so insight and knowledge are of crucial importance to tackle this. Read the whole story

Time is money
Professional cleaning for industry in busy port area

On the busy axis of the ports of Zeebrugge, Ghent, Terneuzen; Indaver has a professional cleaning facility amidst the industry. Tanks from carriers and drivers and process equipment from the chemical plants is cleaned quickly, thoroughly and close by. Geographical proximity and economies of scale help them to save time & money. Read the whole story 

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